How to Strengthen Your MBA Application as an International Student

International Students are an integral piece of a school’s culture. They bring unique experiences and fresh perspectives to the programs. Top MBA programs are seeking to develop transformational leaders that will make an impact in the world. These universities are committed to accepting students from all around the globe with varying backgrounds in order to create a diverse environment for all students to learn in.

As a result, some of the top MBA programs are proving their commitment to accepting international students. For example, over 40% of Stanford GSB’s MBA students and over 75% of their Sloan Fellows hold a passport from outside the U.S.

So, how does a prospective international student have an edge in the MBA application process? In the following piece, we outline 3 ways international students can strengthen their MBA application:

  1. Tell Your Story

Meaningful work, study, and travel experience makes you a more desirable MBA applicant. As an international candidate, you have already immersed yourself in another language or different culture. Highlight international work experience and how that will add value to the classroom and team projects. Try offering a broader perspective on a global issue by sharing your unique viewpoint or experience.

If applicable, highlight your experiences traveling, working, or studying outside of your home country. In doing so, this will show the admissions committee a plethora of strengths, such as:

  • Your ability to adapt to new environments, social situations and business norms,
  • Your ability to work within diverse teams,
  • And, your ability to go beyond your comfort zone.
  1. Capitalize on Your Network

Being a student with international education and work experience expands your global network. One key way you can strengthen your application is to highlight how you could help with the planning and leading of student clubs or conferences by tapping into your professional associations and contacts in other countries. You can utilize your current professional network by bringing international leaders, speakers, or panelists to an event on campus, thus providing international opportunities and global perspectives the program may not have otherwise had access to.

  1. Highlight Your Unique Perspective

Companies and business schools alike are seeking to deepen their focus on globalization through coursework and international study programs. Working with an array of languages and cultures tends to broaden a person’s views, passions, and perspective.

Applicants who already have varying language abilities and cultural experiences are one step ahead of the game. Your ability to communicate well with other cultures, whether in a leadership role or while conducting business, shows admissions committees that you have international awareness and experience breaking through communication barriers.

No matter where you are located, standing out of the stack of Top MBA applications can be difficult, but remember business schools are looking for candidates that have diverse skills, accomplishments, and abilities. Embrace your unique experiences and ambitions and explain to the admission committee ways you will not only benefit from their program but how YOU will bring a fresh perspective and unique skill set to their campus.

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